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TouchDMIS PH20 Full Support

Take advantage of the full potential of the PH20 5-axis touch trigger system.
TouchDMIS is developed to provide maximum support with PH20 heads. With a simple tap you can select all the PH20 main functions.


The PH20 combines infinite positioning capability with a full range of TP20 probe modules and extensions to:

  • Reduce program cycle time
  • Increase feature access
  • Reduce the number of stylus calibration
  • Increase CMM volume by reducing space required for head rotations


See in action

In addition, during inspections or in phase of editing of the measuring path, you can see the preview of the measurement path through a transparent PH20 model.
For vertical planes, the circular path strategy can be performed using the fixed position probe.


Try the full-touch experience of metrology software.
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