Metrology powered with simplicity

What is TouchDMIS

The new experience of coordinate metrology

TouchDMIS is the full-feature dimensional metrology software developed with the user experience in mind. Compared to other measurement software, TouchDMIS can be used entirely in touch mode. With a few hours of training you can use the software effectively and efficiently.

All features are accessible with a simple touch, just tap the screen and activate them!


User-proof interface and floating windows

TouchDMIS interface is developed to provide users a new measurement software experience: touch and simplicity.

TouchDMIS uses floating toolbars to make the most of the main features directly accessible through few Function Buttons that are always accessible.

The future of coordinate metrology is here. Touch it!

The Workflow

Import your CAD
Import your CAD model. STEP and IGES files by default, but all major formats can are supported too. Once imported, you can customize it with a wide range of functions.
Define alignment
TouchDMIS has a full range of coordinate system alignments, including RPS and traditional 3-2-1 alignment.
Perform your measurement plan
You can see and edit your measuring path in a quickly and easily way: just tap on the feature!
Create your report
After inspections, TouchDMIS offers a wide choice of Reports for real-time reporting: XML, Excel, TXT and PDF.


TouchDMIS interface is designed with easily touch and drag pop-up windows.
Tap a button and different functions will appear: measuring, datum, construction, DMIS code and much more.

TouchDMIS supports the Renishaw PH20 5-axis touch trigger system.
The PH20 combines infinite positioning capability with a full range of TP20 probe modules and extensions to:

  • Reduce program cycle time
  • Increase feature access
  • Reduce the number of stylus calibration
  • Increase CMM volume by reducing space required for head rotations
TouchDMIS measuring auto path

Inspections have never been easier. Just select the feature you want to measure and TouchDMIS will automatically calculate the best measuring path.

With the intuitive and easy to use Touch Probe Manager you can configure and calibrate your probe quickly just with a touch of your finger!

TouchDMIS Continuous Scanning

TouchDMIS supports continuous Scanning with SP25 or SP80 using UCC Server on Renishaw controllers equipped with scanning capability. Scanning is also possibile on CAD slices and known and unknown curves.

The interface

TouchDMIS shows a totally touch interface. Each button performs a different function and allows you to open easily draggable pop-up windows.

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