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About TouchDMIS

Metrology Power with Simplicity

TouchDMIS combines the power required for advanced users with the simplicity needed for new users, making measurement capability easily accessible from the CAD room to the production floor.

TouchDMIS, in its 3rd iteration of CMM software, has taken on the mission of creating a user interface that intuitively leads the user through the basic measurement process.

Software that Simplifies Your CMM

The intuitive interface of TouchDMIS has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum productivity for both novice and expert CMM users.  TouchDMIS has no drop-down menus or stacked toolbars with all functionality accessed with just a touch of your finger.




Maximize Your Productivity

TouchDMIS requires just a few hours of training and offers an incredibly short learning curve. The software can be operated entirely via touchscreen, using intuitive touch, swipe and gesture commands.





Newly enhanced TouchDMIS 5.4 is now available for download!

  • CAD Enhancement
  • PH20 Ghost Probe
  • Known and Unknown Curve Scanning
  • CAD Slice Scanning
  • Multi Feature Measure
  • And More …
How long does it take to learn TouchDMIS?
TouchDMIS is developed to provide maximum productivity for both novice and expert users. It requires just a few hours of training and offers an incredibly short learning curve.
What applications are typical for TouchDMIS?
TouchDMIS metrology software is often used in the following applications:

  • Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Part Archiving
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Engineering Analysis
What metrology standards are supported?
TouchDMIS metrology software is built on 64bit architecture and embraces all of the metrology standards developed over the past decade:

  • DMIS Programming Language – ISO 22093
  • Tolerancing – ISO 2768
  • CAD File Import/Export STEP – ISO 10303
  • I++ DME Communication Protocol
Can you retrofit TouchDMIS to manual CMMs?
TouchDMIS can be retrofitted to all brands of manual CMMs. TouchDMIS can operate on a regular PC with or without a touch-screen since it is also mouse compatible.

Intelligent Work Flow

Import CAD

STEP and IGES file formats are supported as standard and native geometry within TouchDMIS. All major CAD systems can also be imported, as an option.

Define Alignment

The full range of coordinate system alignment options is available, including RPS and traditional 3-2-1 alignments.

Program Measurement Plan

The part program is displayed as colored icon program blocks. Each block is defined by a Feature Icon, Action Icon, Feature Label and Statement.

Perform Measurement

Launch the measurement process and follow it on the graphical display. Feature status is indicated immediately. For toleranced features, TouchDMIS displays actual vs. tolerance results.

Create Reports

TouchDMIS offers a choice of Inspection Reports for real-time reporting. XML, Excel, TXT and PDF exportable output provides flexible reporting.

Supported Hardware

TouchDMIS supports many different hardware platforms and use cases.  From Laser Trackers to fully automatic Coordinate Measurement Machines, TouchDMIS can be your cross platform solution for measurement and reporting.

Fully Supports PH20

TouchDMIS supports the Renishaw PH20  5-axis touch trigger system.

The PH20 combines infinite positioning capability with a full range of TP20 probe modules and extensions to:

  • Reduce program cycle time
  • Increase feature access
  • Reduce the number of stylus changes needed
  • Increase CMM volume by reducing space required for head rotations

Analog Scanning

TouchDMIS supports Analog Scanning using the SP25 or SP80 using UCC Server on Renishaw controllers equipped with scanning capability.

TouchDMIS supports scanning on CAD Slices, plus known and unknown curves.

Probe Manager

The highly intuitive, easy to use “Touch Probe Manager” brings configuration and calibration of your probing to the tips of your fingers.

Touch DMIS supports:

  • *SP25
  • *SP80
  • *PH20
  • TP20
  • TP200
  • TP2
  • TP6

* UCC Server Support Required

New in TouchDMIS 5.4:

CAD Enhancement

Large Model files are now easy to manipulate using the all new CAD enhancements in TouchDMIS 5.4.

By using the new “Layer Management”, unnecessary surfaces can be safely moved to separate layers and turned off during the programming or reporting phase.

The new “Projection” feature allows for surfaces to have their projection turned off making them useful semi-transparent reference surfaces but un-selectable so they do not interfere when programing

Other CAD enhancements include:

  • Mirroring
  • Scaling
  • Rotating
  • Translating
  • Exporting your measurement scene to a Step file

Ghost Probe

Continuing the TouchDMIS ease of use initiative, the developers at Perceptron have introduced the “Ghost Probe” concept inside TouchDMIS 5.4 to make programming the PH20 a more visually intuitive process.

The use of Ghost probe makes the visualization and planning of PH20 measurement vectors easy.  Change and see PH20 probe positions with the touch of a finger or the click of a mouse.

Video Tutorials

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