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TouchDMIS Scanning CAD Slices

Continuous scanning offers several significant advantages in metrology. This technology allows for a more in-depth and accurate evaluation of complex and irregular surfaces, enabling the rapid acquisition of a high number of measurement points.

This leads to greater precision in the three-dimensional reconstruction of objects, allowing a better understanding of geometric deviations and defects, thereby improving quality and precision in production. Continuous scanning reduces inspection times and provides a detailed representation of parts, offering in-depth analysis to optimize production processes and identify potential improvements or issues. Moreover, continuous scanning allows for a more comprehensive assessment of dimensional tolerances, enhancing the overall efficiency of quality control.

TouchDMIS supports continuous scanning with SP25 or SP80 using UCC Server on Renishaw controllers equipped with scanning capability.

By selecting the SP25 or SP80 from the tools list you can simply tap on the feature and set the scanning parameters.

TouchDMIS also supports scanning on CAD slices and known and unknown curves.

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