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We continuously strive to develop modern metrology software that meets the needs of our customers and distributors.

For this reason our efforts have been focused on further integrations of TouchDMIS with different controllers, probe and machine, such as LK controller NMC 300 and the Renishaw Equator Gauging System.

Here is what you can see in the new TouchDMIS 8.0:

LK controllers integration

LK controllers series are now integrated in touch trigger and continuous scanning mode

“Trust the process”

We have added a new qualification cycle with a new algorithm in order to optimize position and move during qualification of star probes

Machine Setup improvements

We have added new options for Machine configuration, including CMM OEM selection, CMM volume, CMM axis definition, and we also improved the Machine Setup configuration experience.

New CMM 3D models

We developed the CMM graphic models for Coord3, LK Metrology (full library), Renishaw and Aberlink.

Manual Deva 037 driver

Added support for the Deva manual board. We also improved the Machine Setup experience.

Renishaw Equator integration

Now you can use Renishaw Equator Gauging System in TouchDMIS.
This integration lets you take the full advatange of Renishaw Equator’s innovative technology and repeatability.

Default folder selection

The user can now select whether to save a project in the last used folder or to set a default folder to store the programs.

Effective working length

We added the Effective working lenght for each probe for non-UCC controllers.

Graphical simulator

We added a new graphical simulator for the offline programming.

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